Sex is one of the best ways to play sports, even if you do not think that because you are sexually active you will lose the extra pounds and you will get rid of daily training. It is a psychologically very beneficial activity and we can say that it is a moderate physical activity since it does not lead your heart to reach a heart rate too high. So you consume energy with less effort than in other physical activities.

So do not hesitate and put into practice the following tips to get all the performance to this sport activity so pleasant:

1. Beware: Sport and healthy living will help you to find yourself better with yourself and your partner.

2. Light meals before: Practicing sex with hunger does not feel like it, but with a full stomach it is uncomfortable. The romantic toasts are fine, but better a light dish and leave room for the “dessert”.

3. Play sports together: A pleasant and enriching physical activity leads to another. In addition, exercise increases the level of testosterone.

4. A post-workout shower: A post-workout shower can be much more.

5. Training: neither a lot nor a little. Sport benefits your sex life, but do not overdo it. Sexless appetite is one of the first symptoms of overtraining.

6. Have you tried an erotic game? In the sex shops you will find an infinite number of possibilities, although if you are embarrassed to enter one, you can always buy in an online sex shop.

7. Sex to lose weight: It is not only about the calories you burn, a satisfactory sex life will avoid many temptations of those in which we fall by anxiety or small frustrations.

8. Ask him about his fantasies: Satisfying your fantasies that you have never told anyone can be a perfect way to reactivate passion. Get all the accessories you need to make it more real.

9. Start the morning well: Start putting the alarm 20 minutes before because it’s over running out of bed, making love in the morning is one of the best ways to maintain health and good humor. Complete your routine by leaving after training.

10. And good training: Sport is a good preparation for sex. Athletes have a good cardiovascular capacity, greater elasticity, more physical resistance, and a good psychic balance, guarantee of success in bed. Include these routines that we propose and take them out as much as you can:

– 10 push-ups a day:  Strengthen the arms and shoulders, facilitate penetration in standing postures and prevent you from crushing your partner when you stand on top.

– Wide squat: Broad  positioning helps stability and deep action benefits a quality action during sexual activity.

– 5 abdominals a day: tone and strengthen the muscles of the belly essential for semi-incorporation postures in which visual contact is imposed.

– 10 arms dominated:  Essential for those men who dream of lifting their partner in the air and perform the act of standing as in the movies. If your partner has gained weight duplicates the exercises. If the woman is the subject, 10 more are added.

– 5 kilometers:  It is the most indicated exercise to increase resistance and prolong intercourse.

– Kegel exercises:  Contraction and relaxation of the vagina or penis to retain urination tones the pubococcygeal muscle (PBC) responsible for the duration of male orgasm and female uterine contractions. The more you work it, the more multiorgasms.