It comes with a lot of fun and excitement when you decide to play some challenging and interesting video games. You need to find the best video games which you can understand easily and play it well. Axe Clicker-Idle Dwarf is one of the most interesting and exciting video games. It is available on different devices supported with all required hardware and operating systems.

Basically, this game is full of anger and Oswald is the furious and angry man who carries a sharp Axe to cut down everything. There are plenty of things you need to cut and chop them down to earn money. Every Axe Clicker will offer you a specific amount of cash in return of every chop as well as cut. Edenap developed this game just a year ago and conducted a recently update in the game.

Game Summary:

The Axe Clicker game comes with an endless scare in form of a dwarf who carries an axe to cut the targeted things on his way. In fact, there is nothing scarier in the game except the dwarf and his sharp axe. Players will play the game as Dwarfs and they have to provide several things to make the axe sharper, better and faster, while dwarf also needs some important things in terms of skills he requires and other things to collect more cash. This is the simplest and just neat click based video game that delivers you endless fun and excitement from start to the end.

Last Updated & Cost:

Axe Clicker – Idle Dwarf was developed and released by Edenap Inc. on February 8, 2016. Later on, different features and plug-ins were updated over time. Recently, the developer has updated the game on February 16, 2017. Many new players seem little confused about its cost to download and install in their devices. It costs you nothing for downloading and playing. You just need to manage the devices that have required and recommended hardware as well as operating systems and start playing it.

What to Do in Game?

The fun does not come to an end when you are playing Axe Clicker. The game becomes more exciting and interesting when idle dwarf becomes angry and uses his axe to cut and chop the things on his way. There are 18 major things you need to cut and chop them down being a dwarf. Each tree of these 18 will have cash, prizes, bonuses and other things which your dwarf needs to collect faster and keep on moving ahead. However, you are required to provide some important things to an idle dwarf for maintaining his performance, boosting energy and collecting cash. Your every Clicker will give you something in return. More clicks you make, more cash you will earn. You need to provide;

  • Give fitness to dwarf for quick and auto cutting
  • Forging skills to sharp the axe
  • Steel quality to make old axe better
  • Luck that will help you discover more to cut and gain
  • Better trade to earn more
  • Enhance the skills to become more efficient etc.

Device Requirements:

Axe Clicker-Idle Dwarf is playable at different devices supported by Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows. Basically, if you are willing to play this game, you must provide the permission to the game to open network sockets and information of the network. Further, it requires Android 4.0.3 or latest versions. Similarly, Apple users will be able to run this game with iOS 7 or latest Operating System.

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