Simple Gym Etiquette Guide for Beginners

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As a rule, in gyms, they usually do not give out the rules of conduct and not expel you for minor oversights. However, this does not mean that the rules do not exist. In fact, there are well-developed over the years rules of professional etiquette in the gym.
It is easy to explain all of them with a few simple axioms. First, respect others, clean up after yourself. Also, behave like a decent person. Still, there is more you can learn about gym etiquette from the recommendations below.
1. If You Are Sick, Stay Home
gym workout
In the case of the flu or cold, you can decide to be a hero, who is boundlessly dedicated to fitness and sports, and still, go to the gym. However, do not forget that you are doing be in the gym not alone. Therefore, all the others might not be too pleased to see you snore and cough during your workout. When you’re sick you can do some light cardio on the elliptic bike which will be good for you because you’ll sweat a bit.
All the more, we even would not mention that these people are at risk of contracting a disease you have. Of course, if you feel well enough, you can always have a workout at home.
2. Spend a Reasonable Amount of Time for Every Exercise
When there is the biggest amount of visitors in the gym, there may be a queue of whose who desire to have a workout using the same equipment. If you still have managed to start a workout on that piece of equipment, it is not necessary to spend lots of time there while others will be waiting to take your place. Before any exercise, start with the light cardio workout to warm yourself up. The best way to warm up is to run on a treadmill, cycle, boxing and other high-frequency exercises.
3. Dress Appropriately
To begin with, when you are choosing what to wear to the gym, pay attention to your safety and comfort. It is not fashion and glamor that you need to care about when dressing up for a gym. What is more, your clothes should not be too tight. In fact, short tops and shorts can hamper your movements and attract extra views. Is that your goal while working out at the gym? At the same time, too loose clothing can get inside the equipment, or cling to it.
4. Do Not Overdo It With the Deodorant
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Many sports fans are too afraid to hit everyone with the smell of their sweat. Instead, they decide to come up with a chemical attack using the most advanced and smelly options. Heavy scents of perfumes and deodorants, especially if there are several people like this in the gym can not only spoil the rest of the workout but even cause some allergic reactions. 
5. Keep Your Advice to Yourself
No one likes to listen to advice from strangers, especially the beginners, who do may feel insecure in a new atmosphere. Even if you are a very experienced athlete watching at clumsy or incorrect exercises of the beginners, try to bite your tongue and ignore that.
Of course, this does not apply to situations when you see a hazard to the health of a beginner. Unless they asked for your help.
6. Do Not Workout Directly in Front of the Equipment
If you come to the bar with dumbbells or kettlebells, just take the weight you need. Then, remember that is a good idea not to start the exercise right there. Take a few steps to the side to allow the others come to the bar and take the weight they need freely.
7. Do Not Talk on Your Cell Phone
First of all, loud phone conversations in public places are a sign of bad taste. Especially if it concerns the gym. People gather there to work on themselves and their bodies. What is more, people try to concentrate and work on their state of mind.
Therefore, do not distract them with your empty talk and do not get distracted yourself. Best of all, if you do all the talking for an hour or two when you are not at the gym anymore.
8. If You Have Come to the Gym – Workout
gym workout
Often, it happens so that some of the people spend more time resting between the sets rather than working out. That is especially annoying when the person spends all this time near the equipment that others need as well. It is better to do short intervals between the sets. However, if you need a longer rest than 10-15 seconds, then make the equipment available for others. Such an approach will give you more benefit, and others will receive an opportunity work out.
9. Return the Weights
Of course, you can have a great fit and move heavy weights while others are admiring you at the gym. However, do not forget to take back your weight plates from the bar. This way the next person will not have to do this instead of you. The same applies to dumbbells and weights, which you have taken from the rack. It is your responsibility to put everything back after you have finished an exercise.
10. Towel and Shower
If you are doing the exercises on the bench, do not forget to wipe it with a towel before and after yourself. It is not too pleasant to work out on equipment that is wet from the sweat of the previous person.  All the more, this could be dangerous regarding fungal diseases.

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