How To Keep Your Skateboard Deck Clean

How To Keep Your Skateboard Deck Clean

You just bought a new deck. We all know the feeling.  The juices are flowing, you are ready to try this thing out. You have two thoughts as your riding home.

“ I can’t wait to get to the park to stunt.”

“Damn how long is my baby going to last?”

We’re here to save you a couple of paychecks. I’ll teach you how to save your precious deck from the dumb amateur wear and tear.

Top 6 Ways to Save Your Board

  1. Keep your board dry at all cost, Big Dawg

Sounds obvious…. But keep your board indoors. The elements ain’t exactly kind to wood. Wood has a greater capacity to expand and contract according to the weather. If your board becomes too waterlogged, you’ll lose that ‘Pop”. Lack of Pop is a ‘No Bueno’ situation. .

  1. Hey Guy, take care of your bearing

If you want to ride clean. Make sure your bearings are cleaned and oiled. Your bearings make sure your board is riding smooth. Without proper bearing maintenance, you’ll inevitably find yourself featured on ”‘Hall of Meat’ in Thrasher’s next issue. If your looking for a dope set of a quad of bearings go check out

  1. Maintain a smooth deck

Your deck is where the magic happens. Keep it clean and shaven. Keep splinters to a minimum and never let grip tape overhang (it’s a bad look…). To maintain your board, invest in some sandpaper. You can sandpaper at your local Home Depot or Lowes.

  1. Don’t rage quit !!!!

The fastest way to destroy a board is to just throw it in anger. Learn to resist the primal urge to break your board in two. It’s never worth it. Trust us on this one.  The stupidity you’ll feel after replacing a new board is close to none.

  1. Be Smart, replace old parts.

There ain’t a benefit to holding on too long. When the time comes, be respectful and retire worn-out parts. The longer you keep a trashed parts. The longer you deny peak performance. Upgrade when the time comes. You’ll career will thank you.

  1. Keep the Grip Tape Fresh

Dude… Just replace that old grip tape. If you want to perform at an elite level. Keep your deck sticky.

Bonus Tip: Keep a decent pair of skate shoes. If your shoes have a pit in the middle of them. Get them out of there.

These tips should help you save some life on your board. Remember it’s the little things that go a long way. A little maintenance might save you a couple of board over your career.

Skate on young savages.