Top 10 Most Valuable Baseball Cards Ever Sold

Top 10 Most Valuable Baseball Cards Ever Sold
Baseball fans give great importance to players. They love to buy a T-Shirt with their favorite player name or print over it. The price of such shirt is more than normal market price. The same is true about a card which has no value .But when it has a baseball player name or picture on it then its face value increases to a great extent. There are most valuable baseball cards which are sold for six-figure dollar price. Some of these cards sold in 90s when people were really addicted to baseball. The name and fame of this game is still great. But its popularity  was at its peak during 90s and 80s.
Let’s dig into details of high priced card.
10. Honus Wagner, Baseball, 1910 Standard Caramel
He is indeed the greatest shortstop of all time. He played for 21 seasons from 1897 to 1917 for the Pittsburg Pirates. Due to his incredible talent and gaming style, he was added into Hall of Fame During 1936.
Sale Price: $218,550
9. Ty Cobb, Baseball, 1911 General Baking Co.
He was a superstar player, belong to the Detroit tigers. He was an excellent mentor of baseball, as well. He started his career in 1905. This card was a part of promotion from the General Baking Co. It was sold at an auction of 2008 at a Goodwin &Company. He played 22 seasons for the team.

Sale Price: $272,980
8. Lou Gehrig, Baseball, 1933 Goudey
Another superstar with the most valued baseball cards ever sold is Lou Gehrig. This card gathered $2.7 million dollars in just one day auction at the Memory Lane.
Sale Price:$274,950
7. Mickey Mantle, Baseball, 1952 Topps
He is one of the best baseball players who played for 18 years with the New York Yankees, and he helped lead them to 12 World Series appearances.  The card of this player was sold for six figures. According to speculation, if this card hit the market at that time then it could be sold for seven figures.
Sale Price: $282,587
6. Joe Doyle, Baseball, 1909-1911 ATC T206
An interesting fact that mostly people don’t know about this most valuable card ever sold is that its existence was a mistake. The card claimed that Joe Doyle played for NY Nationals while in reality Larry Doyle Did. As it was a mistake, so its circulation stopped and it became the rarest yet most expensive baseball cards. But it was sold for more than 3.2 million dollars
Sale Price: $329,000
5. Hank Aaron, Baseball, 1954 Topps
It is among the most valuable baseball Topps cards. Henry Hank Aaron was one of the most talented players of the Team. This 1954 vintage rookie card was sold in 2012. Its sale price made it one of the most expensive rookie cards ever sold.
Sale Price:$357,594
4. Eddie Plank, Baseball, 1909-1911 ATC T206
In early 90s, he was among the best premiere pitchers of Philadelphia Athletics. American Tobacco Company issued this card which worth more than 4.1 million dollars. Ken Kendrick was the owner of card.
Sale Price: $414,750
3. Roberto Clemente, Baseball, 1955 Topps
Another vintage most expensive rookie card ever sold was that of Roberto Clemente. It was a part of the Dmitri Young Collection in 2012. There were around 2860 cards were submitted to PSA but this only card got a PSA 10 rating.
Sale Price: $432,690
2. Babe Ruth, Baseball, 1914 Baltimore News SGC
There are only 10 of such cards exists and they are super expensive. This vintage 1914 card is priced at over half a million dollars. Sportscard Guaranty gave it a low grade 40/100 but it got 59 bids in 2008 at Robert Edward Auction and sold for $517,000. This thing made clear that rating doesn’t matter, baseball superstar does matter. It is the second most valuable baseball card ever sold in the world.
Sale Price:$517,000
1. Honus Wagner, 1909-1911 ATC T206
Another expensive baseball card came from Tobacco Company. The circulation of this card was stopped by Wagner after sale of 200 cards. The reason is that Wagner didn’t want his young fans to support tobacco. One of such card was bought by Arizona Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendricks for $2.8  million dollars in 2008,even when the edges of cards were trimmed.
Sale Price: $2.8 million
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