We Give You 7 Good Reasons to Choose Shared Felleski

We Give You 7 Good Reasons to Choose Shared Felleski

In recent years, joint felleski has become very popular with many. It’s not very nice, because it’s actually quite brilliant.

What is Community Felleski?

Actually, these are common skis, where grooves have been milled out to a synthetic card trap or two, replacing the need for attachment lubrication. You get good attachment almost regardless of the lead, and avoid much of the board with the application and removal of ski lubrication.

Felleski comes with many names, including Skintec skis, R-skis, Twin Skin skis, IGS skis, grease-free skis and skin skis, to name the most. We call it common ski with a common concept, to easily distinguish them from the traditional, grease-free and spreadable skis.

7 Good Reasons Why You Should Choose Joint Felleski

You get to ski easier and faster because you

  • no need to think about what kind of lubrication can work
  • no need to spend time lubricating
  • avoids slippery skis or skis that pile up
  • no need to lubricate along the way
  • can leave skis when you get home, there is no lubrication to remove
  • leaves the skis in the car without getting sticky lubrication on the seats.
  • always have clear skis, just when you want to go for a walk.

Who Is the Common Skis For?

Most people can use shared felleski. Either every time, or just every now and then. For example, they fit well:

Beginners who want to try cross-country felleski but who can’t lubricate Beginners are completely dependent on good attachment to get ready to go, and to get good felleski experiences that make them want to continue.

Hikers who go off and on and who can’t do enough about lubrication to make them happy with their lubrication every time.

Exercise who ski several times a week and who have limited time or interest in lubrication. And that’s used to boom with fastening grease now.

Competitors who train daily, who want a pair of skis that almost always have perfect attachment and glide, compared to their racing skis. Runners who do not want to spend a lot of time in the lubricant, but would rather train.

Children and juniors, who should certainly get a good party every time, to create a shuttle there and then, and for the future.

We have made it easy for you to choose the right common ski. Check out all our community packages for all types of users and levelsĀ  here: felleski