The Derby della Mole

Italy offers some of the most passionate football matches in the entire world. Fans can make online betting on on all the matches of the Italian Serie A and its other competitions.

One of the reasons why this tournament is so entertaining is thanks to the fact that there are multiple derbies. In those matches, teams of the same cities challenge each other in fantastic contests. One of them is known as the Derby della Molle, which is also known as the Turin Derby. The squads that are involved in this derby are Torino and Juventus. These two teams are available to make online betting on the 1xBet website.

The oldest Italian derby

As it happens with many of those derbies, usually different parts of a society see themselves reflected on the involved squads. For example, Juventus has been attributed since its foundation, which took place in 1897, to the aristocracy of the city of Turin. Right now, Juventus is one of the most popular teams in the world, and features all its matches.

Torino was founded in 1906, and many of its founding members were originally part of Juventus. They had internal conflicts within the team, and decided to partner with another already existing squad in order to create what was later known as Torino. Since its beginnings, the squad has been associated mostly with the working-class people of the city of Turin.

This squad also plays some excellent matches, and betting on it through the 1xBet website is definitely a great idea.

The biggest win

Since the second half of the 20th century, Juventus has been by far the most powerful of these two Turinese squads. The website is the best place to follow and make live wagers on the Derby della Mole.

With this information in mind, probably many people would think that the biggest win in the history of this derby would be for Juventus, right? Wrong. In fact, Torino is the team who has achieved the biggest win in terms of goals scored against its cross-town rivals.

The match in question took place on the 17th of November 1912, and Torino defeated Juventus by a shocking 8-0. The goals were scored by:

  • Enrico Ruffa;
  • Eugenio Mosso;
  • Enrico Debernardi;
  • and Francisco Mosso.

While in later years Juventus has had some impressive wins against Torino, it has never been able to defeat its Turinese rival for this margin. The Derby della Mole is one of the reasons why Italian football is so interesting, and there is no better place to wager on it than the 1xBet website.